So it seemed like time to start a blog

Reasons why now seemed like a good time to start a blog:

  • I’ve been increasingly fascinated by excellent blog posts written by other colleagues in the field, as a starting point for debates, and as a general source of information about more obscure, interesting or unusual areas of the field.
  • A case in point: Jeff Ollerton recently pointed out1 that over a third of biology papers basically don’t get cited at all in their first four or five years of publication – assuming the quality of the work is rigorous, the only obvious ways to change this are to make the papers more visible (so people know they exist) and more available (so all who want to read them, can).
  • The way things are shaping up for the next REF, I suppose there will be a lot of emphasis on impact, visibility, citations and reputation of work, which means everyone will probably be encouraged to interact with the wider world more and more – which is no bad thing.

The end result being that I signed myself up to WordPress and got this. Some redecorating is probably required to make it visually topical.

I will endeavour to keep it somewhat up to date with periodic musings and more occasional rantings on ideas, news and issues that interest me and perhaps also you.

1PSA target metrics for the UK research base, Office of Science and Technology, DTI (2005) via What do academics do once the research is published?